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Thu Jan 07, 2010 12:41 am by PineApple_Pills
I'll be posting up differen't anime's randomly when I find them or get the time so enjoy watching, plus if anyone has any requests for a tv show or anime or movie then just ask me and I might be able to get it on here.

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 Gold's Fan-fics

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PostSubject: Gold's Fan-fics   Tue Jan 05, 2010 4:38 pm

Elricest- Nightmares (Ed X Al)

Edward always was a strong, energetic, and had a good-heart. However, he was never really strong on the inside. He always had thoughts on his mind and he just couldn’t escape the terrible memories that he has seen in his lifetime. Most nights, he would have nightmares. Al, when he was in his armor, always helped him overcome them. But, now that Al has his body back, and he slept soundly...thinking his dreams became wonderful. But, Edward still had nightmares...many, many nightmares, but, he made sure that he wouldn’t wake Al, so he wouldn’t worry him.
It was a Friday night, and Ed had crawled in bed, exhausted from work, and Al was already fast asleep. The two lived together, and Ed didn’t make too much money, so, they lived in an apartment. They shared one bedroom, and slept in a king sized bed. Ed slid in on his side, careful not to wake Al, and closed his eyes silently.
Edward was suddenly in a pitch-black room, he couldn’t see anything. But, he heard the cry of his name from his brother. He turned quickly, and realized, that Al was just shot. He tried to shout, but his voice was gone. Then, he realized that he was being held by the neck. Then he was forced to watch images, images of all the loved ones he had die, being heartlessly murdered...one by one...and, he was helpless, there was nothing he could do.
Then he woke up, he was breathing hard, quick breaths. He was covered in sweat, and his heart was pounding. Edward’s eyes were wide-open, with glimmering tears streaking down his cheeks, and his knuckles were pure white from clutching the sheets. He slowly turned his head, and he saw Al, still asleep. Ed finally blinked, and more tears flowed down his face, and then, he continued to silently cry. His body shaking, never had he felt this alone. He clutched the sheet tighter, trying to hold back anymore overreacting emotions. Then, he turned his head completely, and was shocked to see Al’s eyes meet his. Ed quickly turned around, trying to ignore the fact that Al had seen him.
“Brother? Why are you crying?”
“Oh don’t worry Al, I just got something in my eyes!” Ed shouted, trying to sound cheerful, but his voice was still shaky.
“Brother…It was like, you were crying…I know you were, why are you?” Ed clutched his fists and then ignored him. Then, Al stared closely at Ed’s arm, and he realized that it was completely pale, then, he realized two possible outcomes. One, Ed was sick, or two, Ed was frightened.
“It really is nothing.”
“No its not, what are you afraid of?”
“Its nothing, really.”
“There’s NOTHING WRONG!” Ed shouted finally, then, Al roughly flipped Ed to face him, and he shouted,
“I know something is wrong!! Don’t try to ignore me! You can tell me anything! I’m your B-R-O-T-H-E-R!!!!!!” Al shouted, which just made Ed burst into tears.
“You are my brother Al…you are…” Ed covered his face with his hands, sobbing.
“Brother? What happened? Was it a ...dream?” Al asked, wrapping his arms around Ed, pulling him closer. His body warmth helped calm Ed, and then, he turned Ed to face him.
“Ed, I love you. I don’t want anything to happen to you…ever…even if it is just a dream, I want to protect you, be your savior.”
“Al, I love you too.” Then the two came together to form a warm kiss, which lasted what felt like forever, until the two fell asleep, into each other’s arms.

Zelloyd- Dearest (Zelos X Lloyd)

-I made this short all-in-one go fan-fic because I thought of this idea and I wanted

to make it happen-


A new diease developed. A horrible diease. In fact, it killed almost anyone who

would get it. The diease? It was called the Dokubutsu. Already 3,000 had gotten it,

but only 126 had survived. The 126 were young children, the ages between 3-8.

The Dokubutsu was horrifying, horrifying to many. This is why, many would say

indoors, and try to say as healthy as they could. The diease, however, was very

different from any other diease. The diease would only come up if a Makkurayami

spirit, would place it upon you. The Dokubutsu was known to kill within minutes.

The best way to protect your self from it was to say in at night. The Makkurayami

only lurked about at night. Because of the Dokubutsu, Lloyd and the others began

to say in hotels every night.

-Night one-

"Okay, goodnight everyone!" Lloyd said as he shut the door, jumping onto his

bed, "So, where are we headed tomorrow?"

"The next city over." Zelos replyed, he was lying on the bed oppisite of Lloyd's, he

was finger brushing his hair, fustrated with every other knot.

"Oh right," Lloyd said silently, "Do you honestly think the Dokubutsu is all as...you

know, deadly as they say?"

"Huh? Oh, I think they are stretching it out a bit, I doubt that it could kill people

within seconds. HONESTLY, Lloyd you are so gulable."

"Well, I think its possible, anyway, I'm heading to bed."


Lloyd was shaking, breathing hard, holding back screams of fear. He instantly

bolted upward, and glanced around the room.

"Oh, it was a dream." Lloyd whispered to himself, taking a long deep breath.

"What was?" Zelos popped up next to Lloyd all of the sudden, causing Lloyd to

scream, fall out of his bed, and hit the floor with a thud.

"DON'T DO THAT!" Lloyd shouted, rubbing his head.

"Well, you were the one who overreacted to me."

"Whatever. I'm going to sleep."

"C'mon Lloyd, tell me what you were dreaming!"

"Why should I?"

"Because you were shouting in your sleep Lloyd. You scared the crap out of me,

now tell me, what scared you so much?"

"It was just a dream about the Dokubutsu. I had a dream that you caught it. It

scared the crap out me...because, well, it seemed so real."

"Lloyd, honestly, that's not going to happen. You worry to much!"

-Night two-

"Where running late getting to the city. Everyone! Say on alert!" Raine annouced,

most nodded, except Zelos, who turned away un-interested.

"Yes. The Dokubutsu could be unforgiving. We all went over what it looks like, so

be on guard." Regal repeated, looking uncomfortable himself. Lloyd began to think

back to what Raine had told him about the Dokubutsu...

It'll look like a tiny snowflake, but don't touch it! If you do you'll surely get infected.

It'll "melt" or absorb into your skin and mess with your body functions until you are

dead, so be careful.

Lloyd looked up to see the sky had gotten much, much darker. He continued to

walk when everyone stopped.

"Look, its the deadly Dokubutsu!" Zelos laughed, watching the tiny snowflake

approach him.

"Zelos run!" Raine shouted, but Zelos just stood there, a stupid grin on his face.

"I'm going to prove to you all that this 'diease' isn't as bad as they say it is!" Zelos

retorted, being as naive as usual. This made Lloyd think...

No! Zelos you complete retard!

If he touches it he'll die!

But, if I touch it, to protect him, won't I die too?

I don't care! Zelos is my friend! He's more important to me then my life!

"Zelos!" Lloyd shouted, jumping in front of Zelos, a second later, the flake had hit

him. Before Zelos could react. Lloyd began screaming from pain and began to

uncontrolably puke up blood. Zelos just stood there, paralzyed, as Lloyd fell to the


"Lloyd!" Raine shouted instantly casting random spells, hoping they would work.

However, nothing seemed to work. Lloyd continued to loose blood and begin to

endure seizures. It wasn't long before Lloyd was still, no longer moving.


Zelos kneeled down at Lloyd's side, hoasting him into his arms, uncontrolable

tears streaking down his face.

"Lloyd...Lloyd...I'm sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry...." Zelos moaned, continuing to cry in

streams. "I should of believed you I should of...but now...I'm sorry...sorry...I should

of listened..."

"Z-Zelos." Zelos looked down, to meet chocolate eyes.


"I-I'm fine. Thanks to Raine. I forgive you." Lloyd leaned forward kissing Zelos,

who kissed back, remembering to never doubt Lloyd again.

Fluff.... c:
Okies....I'll post some more later!

Sins don't end with tears, you have to carry that pain forever!
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Gold's Fan-fics
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